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We put our educators - administrators & teachers first. Classe365 is the result purely by their input, insight, feedback and support, and I thank each and every one of our 3000+ customers for helping us build their product.

Nandan Keerthi
Co-founder, Head of Customer Acquisition & Growth
Nandan Keerthi
Nandan Keerthi
Co-founder, Head of Customer Acquisition & Growth

Nandan drives the company’s strategy, sales and execution. Nandan has helped grow Classe365 in this early start-up days managing all aspects of product, sales, partnerships and growth to a 3000 active user subscription base.

Prior to co-founding Classe365, Nandan held many senior sales and management roles in companies like Microsoft, IBM and other ASX listed companies. Nandan also co-founded, a marketplace for customers seeking various financial loans products.

Nandan holds duel masters degree - MBA & Masters in IT (MIT) from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Vanishree Ranganath
Vanishree Ranganath
Co-founder, Head of Product & Technology

Vani has over 10+ years of Software and Product Management experience building complex enterprise applications with high performance requirements in the communications and media industry. Vani has an advisory role and has helped develop and execute the product vision at Classe365. Vani has been instrumental in re-imagining and innovating on how modern SAAS product should operate and function.

Vani is presently the Product Director at FairFax Media, one of Australia's largest media company.

Vani holds a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Oklahoma. She has many published research papers and patent under her belt.

Daniel Rongo
Daniel Rongo
Advisory Director

Daniel plays a critical role in geographic outreach strategy, regional partner relationships and long term business direction.

Daniel has held various cloud growth roles catering education sector at Google, Microsoft and has been a serial entrepreneur. Daniel is driven by the passion towards entrepreneurship and start-ups since his early teens with an e-commerce business selling motorcycle spare parts at the age of 16.

Daniel has BSc from University of Naples & MIS diploma from Harvard University


We are proudly Bootstrapped. We are proud to achieve great traction and exposure during our early days. But to supercharge our growth we will soon be looking for Series A funding.

If you are an investor who is keen to tap into $15+ Billion global SIS and LMS market, we are looking for the right investor partner.

For more information find us on or contact Nandan Keerthi on LinkedIn

Education Delivery is Changing - We help educators think outside the course

Classe365 was founded with the goal of developing the world’s best student and learning management platform for all sizes and types of education institutions. Today, we have over 3000 educators across 87 countries from student sizes of 15 to 20,000 helping their students achieve new heights.

We believe that great learning lives and thrives in the hands of independent teachers who can easily adopt changing socio-techno-economic conditions along with traditional learning methods. Classe365 uses technology to allow teachers and educators deliver knowledge through a blended learning environment where students can learn, gain knowledge, and build their future.

It was said, a library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life. Today Google, Internet and Mobile sets learning free, we can learn virtually anything, anywhere and anytime and that's amazing. Technology is enabling the Future Student to be free, Classe365 wants to ensure that Learning matches their Lifestyle whilst guiding teachers through the technology maze.

Everyone at Classe365 possesses a deep desire to lead and transform the education experience. Building upon the momentum of strong subscriptions we have developed a successful process to support our growing global client base. We thank all our clients who have trusted us to support their education mission.

"We’re here to change how the Future Student learns, build a platform for educators to deliver blended learning experience and put learning first. This will be a long journey. A marathon, not a sprint."

Our Guiding Principles

Put Educators First

Every decision we make is in providing the world's best learning and management platform to our educators, breaking the mould of what is considered operationally or technically possible to liberate teacher's ability to teach and student's ability to learn.

Be Transparent

We value our customer's data and under no circumstance compromise on it. We bring people at all levels along in our decision-making. We value our customers' and colleagues' opinions, and we believe in learning from our customer's rich history and knowledge to drive growth.

Be the enabler
Not the decider

Every decision we make is in providing the world's best learning and management platform to our educators, breaking the mould of what is considered operationally or technically possible to liberate teacher's ability to teach and student's ability to learn.

Think Long Term
Think Future Student

We enable educators to decide what great learning experience is, rather than deciding what it is for them. By listening carefully to our customers and bringing them in our decisions, we unleash full learning potential of a student.

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Nandan Keerthi, Vanishree Ranganath
Classe365 Student Information System, Classe365 Learning Management System, Classe365 Customer Relationship Management
Classe365 provides an unified platform that include Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions for schools, higher education colleges, Universities and small academies. Classe365 scalable and plug and play modules can enhance institution’s administrative efficiency and innovation footprint without large capital expenditure associated in acquiring and managing software.
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