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July 23, 2020
Classroom Management Software: This Is How You Can Make Online Learning Effective 

Online learning is here to stay By now, we can’t deny, but accept the fact that educational institutions cannot stay relevant without offering online learning for their students But like we discussed in our previous blog, the last few...

May 27, 2020
Smart Ideas for Academies: 5 Strategies to Increase Student Enrollment

It has rather been a mixed bag for academies and training institutes this year On one side, several of them were able to go from strength to strength as a good number of working professionals enrolled for upskilling and reskilling programs during...

The Passion Project
May 6, 2020
COVID-19 SERIES: 5 tips for educational institutions to adapt and thrive after coronavirus recovery

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an everlasting impact on the education sector is to state the obvious, and to an extent, a bit redundant now Enough has been written about how the coronavirus pandemic has caused disruptions and...

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April 21, 2020
3 Benefits of Using Voice Assistants at Educational Institutions 

The world is moving towards voice search Statistically speaking, it is estimated that a staggering 50% of all online searches this year would constitute voice searches according to ComScore Now, the natural question which would arise on everyone’s...

Distance Learning at Your School
March 15, 2020
COVID-19 SERIES: Distance Learning is the way forward amid the growing Coronavirus outbreak

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring the coronavirus (COVID - 19) outbreak as a pandemic now, we understand how concerning the situation might be for educational institutions across the globe Many schools and universities have either...

How Classe365 Serves Admission Officers
July 8, 2016
How Classe365 Serves Admission Officers

Through the rich features of our Student Administration Software, we have helped several schools and universities handle applications and enrolment more efficiently  Through our system, students or their parents can submit new applications without...

Social Media Strategies for Private Schools
June 29, 2016
Social Media Strategies for Private Schools

While many schools and educational institutions use social media as an avenue to interact and communicate with their students and their parents, others are using it to recruit potential students and increase their enrollment rate Why not Compared to...

July 18, 2015
Whats New in Classe365 Student Information System in 2016?

What is new indeed! For starters, Classe365 has officially become the 13th “best” cloud based student information system worldwide! This is a feat that we are truly proud of We have our subscribers to thank for getting us this far And, what...

Google Apps for Integration with Classe 365
July 15, 2015
Google Apps for Education Integration with Classe365

Classe365 now provides Google Apps and Google Apps for Education integration Google Apps for Education provides great free tools for education institutions for overall productivity Combined with Classe365's powerful student information system,...

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