Classroom technology must-haves: 5 essential tools to make both face-to-face and online classes effective

Be it face-to-face or online, be it pre or post COVID-19, ensuring an interactive, seamless, and effective classroom experience for students has always been a challenge. Especially when we take the current students, they predominantly belong to Generation Z and they are often labeled as the easily distracted generation. So, one of the most efficient ways to ensure that this distraction doesn’t happen during classes is to make sure the lecture sessions encourage participation, collaboration, and interaction among students — one of the best ways to offer this to students is through numerous effective technological solutions that are available in the market today. 

But classroom management software solutions don’t just stop with these. There are other aspects of it including monitoring student behavior, offering effective virtual classes, organizing an effective workflow — for all of these aspects too, there are excellent classroom management software solutions that are available. So, in this blog, let’s see what and why these aspects and some tools that are available which educational institutions can make use of.      

1. To increase student participation, collaboration, and interaction 

There are a multitude of ways in which educators can increase student participation, collaboration, and interactions in classrooms so that they don’t feel a particular lecture is very monotonous. Right from helping with experimental and fun seating arrangements to teach through fun and interactive games, there are software products available to make lectures an immersive experience for students. Coming to the more serious aspects, providing in-class tests and assignments in innovative ways — including in the form of MCQs, simulations, and other interactive ways — can help boost the participation of students in the class. It should also be noted that there are certain apps to even help educators make group projects more interactive for students. 

(Some classroom management technology tools for increased student participation, collaboration, and interaction: ClassCharts, Collaborize Classroom, Classe365, Socrative, StickPick, and Group Maker

2. To monitor student behavior and maintain discipline

Monitoring student behavior and maintaining discipline are very tricky for almost every educational institution. But they do not have to worry about these anymore. To closely monitor the behavior of students, sophisticated behavioral analytics tools are available in the market today. These will help track the behavior of all the students. They will also help in having a close watch on a particular set of students if needed so that they can be guided accordingly. Now coming to the discipline part, did you know that there are even apps for educators to monitor the noise level in classes? Yes! These can be effectively used to maintain discipline in a classroom.

(Some classroom management technology tools to monitor student behavior and to maintain discipline: ClassDojo and SilentLight)

3. Workflow organization 

One of the other trickier aspects for educational institutions during a live or face-to-face class is to organize the workflow of educators efficiently. A good Learning Management System will have tools that will help educators plan, schedule, share course materials, and videos in a very organized manner to students. Also, there are specific apps to organize the workflow of the whole class for assignments and other tasks – these are said to enhance the productivity of students. 

(Some classroom management technology tools to organize workflow effectively: Classe365, Showbie, and Skaffl

4. Make virtual learning interactive

Like how we’ve mentioned in our earlier blogs, online learning can be quite exhaustive for students if not offered properly. Sitting through lectures of two to three hours will be tough for students as they will not be able to maintain the concentration. But with the help of breakout rooms, live online quizzes, polls, surveys, and more, online learning can be made more immersive with software tools. A good LMS platform will have sufficient integration of Zoom/ Google Meet/ Microsoft Teams integrations in addition to other tools to make it possible. 

(Some classroom management technology tools to make virtual learning interactive for students: Classe365, Zoom, Google Meet & MicrosoftTeams integrations, etc.,)

And finally…

5. For a unified approach 

Though it is quite easy to list out several exciting applications that are out there, practically integrating all of them — and most importantly — affording all of them might not be a feasible option. This is where educational institutions can look for education management software products that come up with a set of integrations of all these tools themselves.

If educational institutions opt for platforms like Classe365, they come with software products with features including Student Information System, Learning Management System, Customer Relationship Management and more. Not just this.. Classe365 also comes up with multiple integrations that will help ensure that classes are interactive and immersive.   

(Some classroom management technology tools to provide a unified approach: Classe365, Clever, and more)


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