New Route to Market for Education: Traditional Schools & Universities are Losing Relevance in the New Market

Are we going to see a radical change in the way education is seen and perceived? Education, as a process, is constantly evolving. As a result, we are going to see a change. So what’s the direct consequence? Universities and schooling are getting increasingly less relevant, while several new trends show signs of taking over the fabled education in a university. As we mentioned earlier, things are constantly evolving… but what makes it different and, to an extent, radical this time is the events that have transpired since COVID-19. We, at Classe365, have been closely monitoring the education sector and we are predicting changes in multiple aspects that we think could pave the way to new and unexplored markets in the sector. So, in this blog, we would be talking about New Route to Market for Education: Traditional Schools & Universities are Losing Relevance in the New Market. 

Universities might opt for new strategies to cope with a possible decrease in demand 

With the increase in demand for online learning and skill-based learning courses that are available these days, questions are starting to arise about the relevance of university education in the current day and age. After all, doubts tend to linger over spending huge sums of money on universities considering that the same knowledge can be gained through cheaper online courses. But this argument might not be completely correct because university education still has a lot to offer. Having said that there is no doubt that it is imperative for universities to opt for new strategies – to make it more convenient for students to pursue education, they should go for blended learning. And one more thing which can’t be taught online is value-based education – so educational institutions might start focusing on this more.

Cohort-based learning might be a trend to look forward to in the future 

Over the years, platforms like LinkedIn have built strong small-communities. Through this, we are witnessing an increase in cohort-based interactions, meetups, conferences, and more. The next level of cohort-based interaction could very well be cohort-based learning. It should be noted that companies have already started identifying this trend as Udemy and altMBA are joining hands to introduce cohort-based learning. 

Direct to learners might see an exponential increase in demand  

It has now become a cliché to say that online learning platforms are becoming highly sought-after over the past few years. It might not even be an exaggeration to say that the demand for online courses has increased significantly this year with a lot of people upskilling and reskilling themselves in an uncertain job market. A continuation of this could mean that educators would directly start engaging with the learners more and more. In a way, a lot of educators could make it a viable career to continue providing direct learners courses with the help of tech.  

Health tech and ed-tech might see a natural intersection 

Another potential market – which could be fast-tracked as a trend soon because of COVID19 – is an intersection of health-tech and ed-tech. An educational institution having technological solutions to ensure the wellbeing of students is increasing by the day, especially the mental wellbeing of the students. So, a technological solution that could effectively integrate GPs, psychosocial counselors, and other healthcare staff to be directly registered linked to educational institutions might be the way to go about in the future.   


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