Classe365 update

What’s new in Classe365’s upgraded architecture

In what’s one of our significant updates in 2020, we’re introducing a new and upgraded architecture co-created with our customers. The co-creation has been made in terms of letting our customers share their requests for new features and feedback to enhance our existing features. We analyzed the requests and suggestions that were put-forth with the help of a heat map. We then decided to implement those in the new architecture across three different stages.

The major enhancements and changes that our products are 1. Multi-course Enrolment, 2. New Academics Module, and 3. Degree Audit.

LMS Implementation Workshop

2 step distance learning implementation workshop Register Now - Every Wednesday 1:00 p.m EST

For Admins and Teachers, simple 2 steps implementation step-by-step workshop to set up Classe365 portal and help students log-in and collaborate.

Learning at Home

Drive seamless collaboration with Classe365 & Zoom Integration Register Now - Every Wednesday 1:00 p.m EST

This Webinar designed for admins and teachers to power-up remote learning by creating flip classes, social discussions, online quizzes and drive live lectures with Zoom integration.

Multi-course Enrolment

The new multi-course enrolment feature will help institutions enable students have a wider and more flexible study plan for them. Institutions can let students opt for multiple courses in their study plan or opt for dual degrees – the enrolment can be done in just a single click. Apart from this, the new feature would also help educators track the analytics of students across multiple courses.

Important Features 

  • Enroll in dual-degrees/ multiple courses in a single click
  • Independent tracks for assessments, grading, report cards and transcripts
  • Ability to apply across varied streams and study plans
  • In-depth student performance analytics across multiple tracks

Read document 1 and 2 for in-depth information

New Academic Module with Enhanced Academic Sessions


With this feature, we’re deprecating the graduation module and academic sessions in the beginning of the academic structure setup process. Organizations will now be able to upload data across multiple academic sessions.   The enhanced academic sessions will also enable both students and teachers to navigate across academic sessions from the past to the the most recent session.

Important Features

  • Analytics for administrators across multiple academic sessions
  • Data upload option for past academic sessions
  • New option: Manage Course Status
  • Tracking historic academic performance of students across all subjects

Subject Template Instance and Degree Audit


With this feature, each subject can now be added as a template and its instance can be copied to multiple academic sessions, classes, subjects, and courses. This new feature lays the foundation for degree audit. You’ll now be able to create degrees, assign subjects with pre and core requisites.  The feature will help your academic advisors to be able to guide students better and your careers team to help students find ideal job opportunities.

Important Features  

  • Additional custom fields can be added to subjects
  • Easy e-commerce linking
  • Students can track their progress and decide their study plan on their own
  • Academic advisors can monitor students’ progress comprehensively, provide tips and recommendations
  • Helps connect every course to its respective job opportunities


With CSV/Excel Upload, setting up institution takes less than 10 minutes.

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