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What we do.

Classe365 builds products that enable educational institutions of all types to organizes their student data, manage learning activities, administrator backend financials and use that data to build personalized learner journeys with students at scale.

Our modular technology suits provide a complete student information system, learning management system and admission and CRM platform that allows educators to deliver learning through traditional and blended learning environments, where students can learn, gain knowledge, and build their future.

By giving any educational institution the same (and deeper) personalization and automation capabilities as the biggest educational institutions, we’re breaking boundaries and giving brands a chance to stand up and compete instead of getting snuffed out.

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We focus on building tools that help technology
evolve from being powerful to empowering

Technology is powerful. But it needs to be developed in the right way so that it evolves from being just powerful to empowering. At Classe365, we want technology to empower every educational institution so that they can offer the best experience for their internal and external stakeholders.

How do we make a technology empowering? Firstly, we believe in journey instead of the destination. Thus, all our solutions focus on covering the entire learner journey of students. And secondly, we want our customers to have a say in what we do. Hence, most of our innovations are driven through customer co-creation.

  • We support and encourage customer co-creation.
  • We build solutions to cover the entire learner journey of students.
  • We lay a huge emphasis on security.

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Founded 2013.
the company was born in the cloud and started selling SIS solutions.

  • 2014
    Achieved the milestone of 500 active customers; this early accomplishment helped the company come up with more solutions. image
  • 2015
    Launched integrated LMS, CRM & Finance modules.The journey towards becoming an all-encompassing edtech platform began. image
  • 2016
    Became operational in 80 countries and crossed 3000 customers; Classe365 family started growing bigger. image
  • 2017
    Used as a tool for social change; collaboration with World Bank to support education in remote parts of the world. image
  • 2019
    Started catering to customers in 130 Countries; the Classe365 family spread across all continents.
  • 2020
    Kickstarted multiple initiatives during the peak of COVID-19; helped 6M active users during the unprecedented scenario & offered uninterrupted support.
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  • 2021
    Ranked among the fastest growing companies in APAC by Financial Times; received awards in 2021 Edtech Awards & 2021 Edtech Breakthrough Awards.
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Top 100

High Growth Company - Financial Times

In 130+

Countries & 6M Active Users Daily


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The Team.

Classe365 is managed at the highest levels by innovators, industry experts, educators, and education zealots. To cater to customer across the globe, our diverse team is spread across multiple countries and offices. While we are from varied cultures, languages, geographies, and time zone, our vision to make edtech affordable and seamless experience for every educational institution in the world is what glues us together.
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We know applying for and taking on a new job at any company requires a leap of faith. We want you to feel comfortable and excited to apply for Classe365. We are officially one of the fastest growing companies in Asia Pacific according to Financial Times. And we have even bigger ambitions going forward in the future. Hence, we would like to assure you that you will enjoy what would be an incredible journey with us.

Take a look at the job opportunities currently available and do apply if you think we’re good fit for you. Our team will get in touch.

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