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Fundamental game changer in Student Administration & Learning Management

Classe365 provides integrated SIS, LMS, CRM and many more tools for small Academics, Schools, Higher Education Colleges and Universities.

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If you are in education, be it Small Academy, K-12, School, College or University, Classe365 provides an innovative and unified approach to student information system and learning management system

Old Fragmented Way
Old Fragmented Way
  • New Classe365 Way
    Classe365 SIS And LMS
  • Classe365

    Rethink the way you think Education Management

    Imagine a completely unified platform that enables you to manage every administrative and learning aspect of your education institution.

    Classe365 provides tools from paperless pre-admission, student management, learning management, financial management, campus recruitment to alumni management. It also offers educational institutions with monetization opportunities through optional modules such as E-commerce. Our current customer base spans 87 countries from small ballet classes (20+) to large universities (10,000+), which makes the solution extremely versatile and scalable.

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Easy yet powerful student management platform for any small educational institution.

Seamless Student Information System for Language Classes, Ballet Classes, Music Schools or any small or specialized academies.

Across the globe, Classe365 platform is the preferred choice for small and growing educational institutions. It doesn't matter what you teach, you need a platform that can increase enrolments, retain existing students and help streamline administration.

Pre-admission module to accept and manage new enrolments

Student lifecycle management and Student Information System

Learning Management System

Modular pricing with option turn off and on modules.

Online fee payment

Alumni Management with MailChimp integration

What our Client Say

"Classe365 has given us the tools to help us increase our enrolments by more than 100%. Management of our existing students is now easier then ever."
Tabatha Southey, Director Tabatha Dance Academy

Not just a School Management System but a new way to educate that's amazingly easy, powerful and beautiful.

Once set-up everything happens naturally, effortlessly and that's new in K-12 today.

Classe365 is a one service that supports your entire school’s functions. From taking attendance from mobile to reports on your laptop. Whether its school administration or managing learning curriculums, Classe365 helps make school a little less admin and more learning.

Pre-admission to alumni and everything in-between.

Most advanced and customisable gradebook

Social learning and Learning Management System

Modular and advanced user permissions

Dedicated portals for student, teacher, parent and administrators.

What our Client Say

"At the end of the day teachers and students need to be happy teaching and learning. We finally have a platform that helps us improve and track all our key metrics of performance."
Taylor Thompson, GoldSprout Education Group

Better Teaching, Smarter Learning and Easier Admin

For Higher Education and Colleges, Classe365 facilities education management at their fingertips. Built in the cloud its easy for your students and teachers connect and collaborate. Revolutionise your student information system and learning management system with real-time access to what you need, when you need it.

Pre-admission to campus recruitment and everything in-between

Social learning - Social network for your school

Advanced Student Information System and Learning Management System

Apps and integrations

Enterprise functions - Easy Office365 and Google Apps for Education integration

What our Client Say

"Information is all there at our fingertips and we can tap into real-time information, anytime. Classe365 helps us make decisions faster be it an individual student learning needs or overall operational efficiency. That's efficiency for you."
Michael Lee Chow - Dean, MJS School of Engineering

Pave new ways of thinking, new ways of operational efficiency but retain your rich education tradition

Classe365 data compliance framework covers FISMA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70 Type II), and HIPAA.

Classe365 gives you more than just SIS and LMS functions. Take care of your student engagement, campus recruitment, campus e-commerce store and learn more about how your departments are doing. Classe365's software is developed using industry-standard best practices, so you can be confident your data is safe with us.

Deployment flexibility to use our cloud or your private cloud on Azure or AWS. Easy deployment and provisioning directly from your AWS or Azure private cloud.

Office365 and Google Apps integration

Private cloud or Multi-tenant deployment option

24/7 Support

Professional services for adoption, training, customization & enduser support.

Access from iOS, Android or Web

What our Client Say

"One of the things about Classe365 is that the platform's flexibility and ability to customize. It is incredibly simple yet powerful for our team to learn and adapt. Adoption and change management was made by the Classe365 team and its partner Netpro"
Obinna Chukwuma, ICT Director Imo State Polytechnic

Join Over 3,000+ Happy Customers.

With more than 3000 active education institutions in 87 countries, chances are there is an educator near to where you are using Classe365. Click on the pin to check what type of organisation are using Classe365 in your country.
Course & Academic Management Structure your institution by creating and scheduling subjects for each class or course. Assign students to multiple class or subjects. Customize to suit K-12/schools, small academies or large universities.
Pre-admission Manage the admission process of ‘n’ number of students, recording admission details and keeping students and parents informed through SMS or E-mail. You can even structure online student application forms, making admission easier than ever before.
Parent,teacher,student-portal Invite Students, Teachers and Parents through SMS or E-mail to their dedicated online portal (Web or Mobile), and hence make full use of Classe365 as a parent, teacher and student information system.
Behavior-analysis Get to know every student in every aspect by monitoring their Attendance, Report Cards and Health Records. Classe365’s Analytics Engine builds Behavior Analysis, based on the student's data and suggests tips for each student’s personality development, if required.
Class-scheduling Students, Teachers, Parents and Administrators can manage academic events, like Class Schedule and Examination Schedule, or personal events with an easy to use drag-and-drop Interface. In this way Classe365 provides complete class management software for your institution.
Messaging-SMS-&-Email Send Emails and SMS’s easily using Classe365 advanced and trigger based messaging platform. Send academic or scholastic updates, automated messages to absent or tardy students. Or, send invites to those who have yet to be a part of your institution’s network, thus expanding your institution through Communication.
Ecommerce Classe365 stands out from the rest by introducing a platform for creating and managing an online campus store. Institutions can now sell any product, ranging from books to merchandise, to all affiliated with the institute. Adding products, managing transactions, and administering sales becomes easy with this online school management system.
Library-module The days of crowding libraries during exam times are over ! With Classe365, institutions now have an online library management system. Checking in/out books and online transactions are now made easy.
Fees & Donation It is time to introduce a more convenient method for students to pay their fees. With online transaction mechanisms coming into play, the entire admission process will be much easier . The days of waiting in long lines to pay admission fees are over, with a Classe365 as a financial management software.
Gradebook & Reportcard Students and teachers can collaborate in new ways. With easy access to student information, teachers get a chance to know their students better, by analyzing and recording every aspect of every student. Furthermore, Parents can track their child's progress and get real insight into their behavior.
Financial-Accouting Classe365 provides features like - Real time view of cash flow; balance sheets; profit and loss statements; inventory status; receipts and payments. A complete financial management software with online accounting for education institutions.
Alumni Connect with students after graduation to let them know how their institution is holding up without them. Let them know of important events for which you think their participation would benefit them and the institution as a whole. Use MailChip integration to send newsletter on key events or donation drive.
Academic year management For an institution with thousands of students, managing graduation and recording historic academic year details can become quite the tedious task. Classe365 allows easy access to unlimited academic years, all tied to the student. Its easy to build analytics on student progress over multiple years or academic teams.

Student Information System

  • Course & Academic Management
  • Pre-admission
  • Parents, Teacher & Student Portal
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Class Scheduling & Events
  • Messaging SMS & Email
  • E-Commerce
  • Library
  • Fees & Donation
  • Grade Book and Assessment
  • Financial Accounting
  • Alumni
  • Academic Year
Social learning Classe365 now provides a facebook-like social learning platform for students and teachers of the institution to share their thoughts. Through Social learning, people can interact, like in social networking, and also learn something in the process, forming stronger bonds within the institution.
Badges/Gamification Game Based Learning (GBL) involves incorporating education in game play. Ideally, a student playing the game would learn everything along the way and still have the urge to press forward.
Quizzes Teachers will be pleased to hear of a new way to create quizzes, exams and assignments. Classe365’s Learning Management System (the LMS Module) provides a platform for teachers to make and manage these tests online.
Assignment Easily create assignments and enable students to submit them online. Tag assessments created from the SIS, make it part of the final grade or report card. Our new advance Grade Book seamlessly integrates with our LMS platform.
Resources Classe365 provides a resource management software for teachers to easily upload study material and share it with students. Students can go through the material at their own pace, and ask doubts if they get stuck somewhere in between. Resources can also shared from Google Drive or DropBox.
Flipped Class Classe365’s Flipped Classroom is a method of E-Learning that enables teachers to create online learning content. This can co-exist along side teacher’s classroom sessions helping students to easily grasp educational content wherever they are and whenever they want.

Learning Management System

  • Social learning
  • Badges/Gamification
  • Quizzes
  • Assignment
  • Resources
  • Flipped Class
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Nandan Keerthi, Vanishree Ranganath
Classe365 Student Information System, Classe365 Learning Management System, Classe365 Customer Relationship Management
Classe365 provides an unified platform that include Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions for schools, higher education colleges, Universities and small academies. Classe365 scalable and plug and play modules can enhance institution’s administrative efficiency and innovation footprint without large capital expenditure associated in acquiring and managing software.
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