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Finance & Accounting

Say Goodbye to Those High Expenses! Reduce Costs By a Whopping 33% With Our Finance & Accounting Solution


No more payment confusion! Our invoicing feature makes it a breeze for students and parents to stay on top of their payments. Whether it's admissions fees, library fees, or anything else, you will find all your payment records stored conveniently in one place.

Balance Sheet & P&L Statement

Sit back and relax while Classe365 takes care of your Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, and other financial statements. We will do all the number-crunching and provide detailed data on your institution's financial status.

Donor and Donation Management

Classe365's Donor & Donation Management feature lets you effortlessly track and handle all your donors' information. Now you can store everything in one spot and keep tabs on all the donations made to your institution.

Grants & Scholarship Management

At Classe365, we offer user-friendly Grants & Scholarship Management features for students. It allows you to effortlessly manage grants and scholarships offered by the government, your institution, or non-profit organisations

Simplifying Finance & Accounting for Educational Institutions

Get rid of accounting issues with our efficient Financial Accounting module. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly handle all your accounts. Our dashboard is tailor-made for each account, giving you a quick overview of assets, liabilities, income, expenses, bank and cash activity, and recent transactions.

Centralised Financial Management

With Classe365's Finance & Accounting Module, you can easily manage your service providers and accounts. No more scrambling between different systems or spreadsheets as everything is neatly centralised for your convenience. Enjoy additional financial management features such as handling grants, scholarships, managing donors and donations.

Financial Activity Management

Managing financial activities at educational organisations can be challenging sometimes, but Classe365 is here to help! Our Finance & Accounting Module simplifies the process. You can effortlessly add and edit your accounts to keep your financial records accurate. View and manage all financial activity, removing the stress from your financial processes.

Detailed Reporting

Discover Classe365's finance and accounting dashboard, the ideal tool for getting a bird's eye view of your institution's financial performance. Explore an array of in-depth reports, including balance sheets and P&L statements, to delve into every detail and thoroughly analyse your institution's finances.

Financial Accounting

Streamline financial processes and ensure efficient management of resources.

General Ledgers - Double Entry Accounting Platform
Build custom chart of accounts
Forecasting, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow & Inventory management
Fee & Invoicing module integration.
Multi-account management
Expence management