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Fund Raising

Manage Fundraising Campaigns and Donors with Ease

Make fundraising easy with Classe365! Our platform is your one-stop shop for all of your fundraising and donor management requirements.

Student Information System

Donation Forms

Want to run a quick campaign for donations and capture information? Set up donation forms on our platform to share with potential donors and promote the campaign.

Campaign websites

Connect with your peers and set up customized landing page to appeal to them to raise funds. Our platform allows you to create these peer-to-peer websites to personalize your approach.

Donor Management

Keep a track of all donor data and manage donor information online through the fundraising module. From reaching out to them to sharing receipts, it is all simplified through the platform.

Easy Payments

Set up flexible payment options, from multiple accounts for payment gateways to recurring donation. Set campaign targets and minimum acceptable amounts for the campaigns.

Gain Valuable Insights with Classe365’s Multilayered Analytics Module

Set Up Campaigns

Effortlessly launch impactful campaigns with our user-friendly interface, allowing you to input campaign details, captivating images, and set status, start, and stop dates. Customize payment terms and methods to cater to diverse donor preferences. Our platform not only facilitates campaign creation but also provides an appealing front end, engaging potential donors and compelling them to contribute. With comprehensive features, you can efficiently manage every aspect of your campaign, from inception to outreach, maximizing your fundraising success.

Track campaign goals

Effortlessly monitor fundraising progress and dynamically manage campaign targets through our intuitive platform. Engage with donors effectively by reaching out directly and easily adding new supporters to your cause. Amplify campaign visibility by crafting captivating landing pages that promote your initiatives and drive contributions.

Powerful Donor Management

Our fundraising module revolutionizes donor engagement, providing a streamlined platform for tracking and managing donor data. With user-friendly features, it simplifies outreach, keeping donors informed and facilitating seamless receipt sharing. Automation eliminates manual tasks, ensuring time and resource efficiency, while robust security measures prioritize the protection of sensitive donor information.

Fund Raising

Plan and execute successful fundraising campaigns to support your institution.

Fund raising and donation management platform
Fully featured Donar management and directory
Custom forms and campaign landing pages
CRM and payment gateway integration
Integrated with Fee and Donation Module
Front-end campaign page
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