A single tool for administrators to take care of the entire student management

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Manage your students effectively across the entire learner journey

Edtech for student management evolves from being efficient to empowering when it is implemented across the entire learner journey. Classe365 provides administrators with features to help them achieve this.


Classe365 enables administrators to manage students and maintain the relationship across the entire stakeholders including parents and alumni.

Administrators can take a data-driven approach towards tracking the performance, attendance and other aspects of students and teachers.


Recommended modules for administrators


Use multiple tools including course management, electives and credits management, alumni management, and health records. Use Classe365 to monitor meetings between stakeholders.


Analyze the institution real-time across various levels: in the institution level, classroom level, and individual level. Analyze the performance of teachers and students across multiple aspects.


Enables easy communication with alumni students. Aids in setting up fundraising events and donation drive. Enables education institutions to use the module for comprehensive student archiving.

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Student Enrollment Growth: Playbook

We’re bringing to you evidence-based strategies to increase student enrollment at your institution with a special focus on tackling issues related to COVID-19.

Download the playbook here: resources.classe365.com/student-enrollment-playbook

Built for administrators - end-to-end

Administration might often become a hectic and complicated process if it involves using fragmented tools and solutions. But if administrators are provided with a single comprehensive tool which is strongly backed with AI and analytics can make student management a seamless process. Classe365 helps educational institutions to achieve this.

Course Management

Manage courses, class timetables with our easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

Degree Audit

Track the academic progress of every student for the duration of their time at your institution.

Electives Management

Let students curate their own learning journey and selecting their subjects.

Credits Management

Assign credits to all courses with simple steps using our grouping technique.

Alumni Management

Stay in touch with past students by constantly providing them news and updates.

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