Take a tech and data-driven approach towards organizational excellence 

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Real-time institutional and performance analytics to help improve your educational institution

Business leaders, with the help of Classe365's analytics and AI can be in the know about their educational institution whenever and from wherever they want. Based on the analytics, business leaders can use array of tech tools including LMS, SIS, and CRM to optimize their institution's performance.

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Achieve admission targets easily with the help of award-winning admissions and enrollment software.

Achieve 100% digital transformation across the entire learner journey – from the time of admissions up until becoming alumni.

Cut costs by 33%* using Classe365 (*based on our research, US educational institutions that use Classe365 were able to cut costs by 33%).



Analyze the institution real-time across various levels: in the institution level, classroom level, and individual level. Analyze the performance of teachers and students across multiple aspects.

Finance & Accounting

Centrally manage all service providers and other accounts. Easily add, edit accounts and view, and manage all activities. Download reports on accounts for easy management.


Manage the entire admission process - from enquiry until enrolment - with a single tool. Take the entire admission process to online. Enable seamless online fee payment option for students.

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ROI Calculator

Get a personalized ROI calculator and get to know how much you will be saving at your institution by using Classe365. Our current research shows that US educational organizations that use Classe365 have been able to cut costs by 33%

Student Enrollment Growth: Playbook

We’re bringing to you evidence-based strategies to increase student enrollment at your institution with a special focus on tackling issues related to COVID-19.

Download the playbook here: resources.classe365.com/student-enrollment-playbook

Private Cloud Deployments

Classe365 enables universities to securely host our SIS, LMS and CRM platform on their private AWS, Azure or Google Compute Engine cloud environments.

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Amazon Web Services

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Microsoft Azure

Classe365 Computeegine

Google Compute Engine

We’re here to help business leaders achieve their organizational goals

If you are looking to stay ahead of your fellow educational institutions, Classe365 can most certainly empower you with the most powerful tech suite to manage your learning and administration.

Lead Management

Convert potential leads to admissions by studying online behavior patterns.

Lead Nurturing

Manage admissions pipeline and get insights which your admissions team could use.

Click to Call and Email

Chase the potential leads proactively with just one click email, call or SMS.


Stay in touch with prospective students through our email and call features.

Sales Reporting

Analyze sales and inquiries by status, territory or any custom fields.


Build your own online store and sell merchandises.

Job placements

Provide a common platform for students and recruiters to hire/ get job offers.

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Connected out of the box & to line of business applications
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Why Classe365?

With CSV/Excel Upload, setting up institution takes less than 10 minutes.

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