Achieve 100% digital transformation at your educational institution with one student management software

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Achieve digital transformation across the entire learner journey

Edtech for student management evolves from being efficient to empowering when it is implemented across the entire lifecycle of students. We help CTOs achieve this at their educational institutions.


Use Classe365’s comprehensive framework to achieve digital transformation across the entire learner journey – from admissions up until a student becomes an alumni… and beyond.

Cut costs by 33%* by transforming digitally.

Make use of multiple integrations offered by Classe365 to make your educational institution become technologically sophisticated.

(* The above-mentioned percentage is an average based on our research across the US educational institutions that use Classe365)

Recommended modules for CTOs

White label

Hide or customize “© Powered by Classe365 ” on the bottom of the page and hide Classe365 logo from emails and login pages. Enable URL rewrite and access your account from your own domain.


Analyze the institution real-time across various levels: in the institution level, classroom level, and individual level. Analyze the performance of teachers and students across multiple aspects.


Create a platform that acts as a source of incremental revenue. Have a complete control of your products, price points, discounts, and categories. Have the complete control of your ecommerce shop's frontend.

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Student Enrollment Growth: Playbook

We’re bringing to you evidence-based strategies to increase student enrollment at your institution with a special focus on tackling issues related to COVID-19.

Download the playbook here:

Built to assist CTOs

CTOs across industries expect four particular qualities in a software solution: multiple integrations, cyber-security, mobile-adaptability and cloud-storage. Classe365 provides all these and more.


Classe365 boasts multiple integrations and add-ons to boost technological sophistication.


Classe365 secure cloud environment is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Classe365 is highly mobile-adaptable and the app is available across Google Play and iOS.


Classe365 protects your data with AWS cloud-powered security.

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