From admissions to degree audit, we provide all tools that empower registrars 

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Every tool that a registrar's office requires for efficient functioning

A registrar's office is integral to any education institution. The office takes care of a wide range of activities including admissions, course management and finance management. To cover such vast array of responsibilities, Classe365 provides tools that helps integrate and synchronize the entire functioning.


Classe365 enables registrars to manage multiple functions including course management, admissions management, finance, and everyday activities.

Classe365’s one-of-its-kind Degree Audit feature helps registrars to manage the entire academic journey of the students.

Recommended modules for registrars


Analyze the institution real-time across various levels: in the institution level, classroom level, and individual level. Analyze the performance of teachers and students across multiple aspects.

Degree Audit

Enables organizations to effectively set-up course roadmaps for degrees and track the progress of the students towards the achievement of the degree. Helps provide counselling for students.


Manage the entire admission process - from enquiry until enrolment - with a single tool. Take the entire admission process to online. Enable seamless online fee payment option for students.

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Student Enrollment Growth: Playbook

We’re bringing to you evidence-based strategies to increase student enrollment at your institution with a special focus on tackling issues related to COVID-19.

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Built to assist the registrar office

A registrar's office effective functioning depends on how efficiently it integrates multiple edtech tools - including SIS, LMS, CRM, Analytics, Finance and Accounting and more. Classe365 integrates all these and more under a single powerful platform.

Paperless Admission

Streamline your admission processes with our fully-integrated online admissions software.

Online Application Forms

Provide an easy and convenient online admission procedure for prospective students.

Online Fee Payment

Provide students and parents the opportunity to pay fees online in an easy way

Form Mapping to Student Information System

Enable students to update the SIS by filling in their application form during enrolment.


Give everyone their own dashboards to manage personal and academic information.

Grading & Assessments

Customize report cards and introduce different grading scales.


Enable students to log and track their attendance electronically.

Notice or Bulletin Boards

Give real-time updates on the latest campus news and updates.

Health Records

Electronically store detailed records of routine physical check-ups for every student.

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