A unified software for educators
to provide an immersive learning experience and improve
student performance.  

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Take a holistic approach towards teaching with the help of tech

Classe365's solutions for teachers enable them to create the best classroom experience for students irrespective of it being a conventional classroom, online classroom, or a hybrid classroom.

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With the help of advanced analytics, get to know about your class and students individually to provide personalized guidance and improve performances.

Stay up-to-date with the current trends in teaching and explore concepts like adaptive learning, microlearning, and more with the help of Classe365’s features.

Use features like online quizzes, discussion forums etc., to make education an interactive and engaging experience for the students.


Recommended Classe365 Modules for Teachers


Make classroom experience interactive and immersive. Easily manage resources, assignments, and other assessments. Use social learning tools with interactive student-teacher, student-student discussions.


Use your own dashboard to manage personal and academic information. Access notice boards online to know regular institution updates. Use features like grading & assessments, attendance & more.


Observe trends in academic performance, behavior and health analytics for every student in your institution. Get to know the analytics across multiple aspects of the institution as a whole.

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Classe365 Modules
To Drive Leads and Enrolments
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Classe365 delivers university management tools for admissions and enrolments and student management combined with advanced analytics to meet the ever changing needs of the modern student.

Student Enrollment Growth: Playbook

We’re bringing to you evidence-based strategies to increase student enrollment at your institution with a special focus on tackling issues related to COVID-19.

Download the playbook here: resources.classe365.com/student-enrollment-playbook

Private Cloud Deployments

Classe365 enables universities to securely host our SIS, LMS and CRM platform on their private AWS, Azure or Google Compute Engine cloud environments.

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Amazon Web Services

Classe365 MS

Microsoft Azure

Classe365 Computeegine

Google Compute Engine

We’re here to empower teachers with comprehensive digital tools to improve student performance

Classe365 believes in providing tools for the entire learner journey of every student of an institution. This majorly includes the academic side of the students as well as we provide multiple tools for teachers to help their students across every stage of their academic journey - be it in a traditional, online or hybrid classroom.

Blended Learning

Convert teacher-centric education system into a student-centric one.

Flip Class

Enable students to study at a pace that suits them.


Provide a platform to enhance teacher to student and student to student interaction.

Online Quizzes and Tests

Create online quizzes and tests with varied question types like MCQs and fill in the blanks.

Live Lectures

With Zoom integration, provide live online lecture for the students.

Private social network

Share announcements and opinions with the privacy of a secure internal social network.

Immersive Lecture Experience

Upload study materials like PDFs, audios and videos for an immersive experience.

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Connected out of the box & to line of business applications
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Why Classe365?

With CSV/Excel Upload, setting up institution takes less than 10 minutes.

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