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Universities & Higher Education Solution

The Best CRM for Universities and Higher Education Colleges

Make your University and Higher Education institute's processes easier with Classe365. Our powerful education management system can handle all those tedious daily tasks for you. Our state-of-the-art educational management system will help you manage the entire student learning cycle with ease.

The Best CRM for Universities and Higher Education Colleges

Trusted by 6,000+ educational institutions in 130 countries

Asian Institute of Management
United States - Air Force Organization
Hoston Ballet Academy
Board of Jewish Education

Powerful University and Higher Education Management Software

Private & Public Universities

Simplifying the entire student life cycle in Private Universities, handling everything from applications to graduation. We also offer a unified university management system for Public Universities that helps educators build stronger connections with prospects, students, alumni, etc.

Religious Universities

Classe365 is committed to helping religious universities reach their full potential. Our education management software has powerful tools to let you customise and build religious curriculums that suit your specific needs. Leverage our student information system to make data-driven academic decisions.

Distance Learning and Online Universities

Our platform helps traditional and new universities stay up-to-date with innovative and virtual teaching methods. Use Classe365’s CRM for universities to offer a fully online or customised blended learning experience to your students.

Community Colleges

Classe365's integrated and flexible education management software is designed to help ensure consistency across all aspects of Community Colleges. Our workflows and reports provide you with the key data and insights you need to make informed decisions.

Technical & Liberal Arts Colleges

Classe365's ERP software can help Vocational-Technical and Liberal Arts Colleges keep track of their students, teachers, and admin staff more easily. With our help, you can create a hands-on, skills-based learning environment for your students to thrive in.

Career Colleges

Classe365’s education management system makes it easy for Career Colleges to create programmes that blend formal academics with the practical skills students need to succeed. Its user-friendly admission CRM makes managing enrolments easier than ever before.

Powerful University and Higher Education Management Software

Providing Solutions to University & Higher Education Challenges

Comprehensive SIS Features

Comprehensive SIS Features

The Classe365 SIS is here to help you manage even the most complex of university and college structures with ease. From keeping track of students, courses, lecturers, and finances to providing real-time analytics and financial reporting, it's the perfect tool for keeping your administrative team organised

CRM for Increased Engagement and Security

With Classe365's cloud-hosted CRM for universities and colleges, you can get a full, real-time view of your current and potential students. Its safe and simple-to-use platform allows all your college's management, teachers, and administrators to be connected in one centralised hub

CRM for Increased Engagement and Security
Integrated Learning Management System

Integrated Learning Management System

Improve the way your students learn with Classe365’s integrated LMS. It puts each student at the centre of their educational journey, giving them the power to reach their highest potential. With our platform, you can help your students excel at every stage of their academic cycle.

Robust Higher Education College and University Management Software

Classe365 understands the challenges of managing the ever-evolving world of higher education. That's why our college and university management software is tailored to the needs of modern-day universities and colleges. Our powerful higher education CRM for academic management, student engagement, etc. ensures your institution's success.

CRM & Enrolment
  • Option to create generic, admissions or HR recruitment forms.
  • Paperless admission process
  • New leads management
  • Custom online application form
  • Easy transfer of data from pre-admission to SIS

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Information System

  • Social Learning
  • Grading Assessment
  • Health Record
  • Communication
  • Dedicated Portal
  • Library
  • className Schedules

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Learning Management System
  • Documentation Management
  • Virtual Lectures
  • Assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Curriculum Management
  • Discussions
  • Blended Learining

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Finance & Accounting
  • General Ledgers - Double Entry Accounting Platform
  • Build custom chart of accounts
  • Forecasting, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow & Inventory management
  • Fee & Invoicing module integration

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  • Online shopping cart management
  • Front-end eCommerce Site
  • Sell products or course registrations
  • Directly enrol students after purchase
  • Link admission forms with products

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Fund Raising
  • Fund raising and donation management platform
  • Fully featured Donar management and directory
  • Custom forms and campaign landing pages
  • CRM and payment gateway integration
  • Integrated with Fee and Donation Module

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Degree Audit
  • Degree Audit module features
  • Easily create degree pathways
  • Bulk assign of students to degrees
  • Certificate module features

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Graduation & Alumni
  • Custom Domains and URL rewrite
  • Custom Branding with colors and banners
  • Hide Classe365 branding across the site
  • Option to send domain specific emails
  • SSL certificates for custom URLs

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End-to-End Education Management System for University and Colleges

Here at Classe365, we're on a mission to make your school efficient. Our comprehensive student information system, LMS, and CRM for schools make it easy for you to add the modules you need so you can focus on what really matters - creating amazing learning experiences for your students.

End-to-End Education Management System for University and Colleges

Unified, Connected, and Controlled

Want to make more smart and data-driven decisions for your schools, check out Classe365's powerful reporting features! Our pre-built SIS Reports can provide you with valuable insights into scheduling, demographics, and more. Our friendly support team can build customised reports for you, usually free!

End-to-End Education Management System for University and Colleges

Fine-Grained Access Controls

Classe365 university management software allows university and college administrators to easily link up permission sets, guaranteeing that everyone has the proper level of authority to handle their own projects. Get ready to make your operations smoother and increase efficiency.

End-to-End Education Management System for University and Colleges

Complements Vendor Enterprise Agreements

If you have an Enterprise Education Agreement with Microsoft or Google, integrating our platform into your core applications is super quick and simple. Classe365 also integrates with OneDrive, SharePoint documents, and Google G Suite, giving you a set of extra features for enhanced workflow.

End-to-End Education Management System for University and Colleges

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

Classe365's student management system analyses key indicators like attendance, grades, medical records and physical activity changes to predict student behaviour and morale on your campus. With this information, you'll be able to stay in tune with your students' needs

End-to-End Education Management System for University and Colleges

SIS, LMS & CRM Built for the New Age

From real-time reporting to campus recruitment features, Classe365’s college and university management system has you covered! It's the perfect technology platform to manage your university and higher education college. It's all hosted on the cloud and is mobile-friendly from the get-go!

Discover Why Our Customers Love Classe365 - In Their Own Words

Hear what all the buzz is about! Check out what our customers have to say about Classe365 - awarded the best SIS solution by EdTech Awards for 3 consecutive years

Review from an every day user

Student administrative and academic management is streamlined and helps us save time and be more efficient.

source - Capterra

Khaled B.

Administrative Director

Good value for money

Academic admin staff find the student information system is easy to use.

source - Capterra

Alistair S.

System Architect

Great software with an excellent answer from all the team

Classe365 have all the modules that our school needs with a sample intuitive and nice design. All the software it's easy to use from our team and from our students.

source - Capterra

Joaquim B.


Classe365 Review

The technical support team is very helpful especially [sensitive content hidden]. We encountered 2 issues recently on email notifications and duplicate student records and they were able to resolve both.

source - Capterra

Melanie A.

Academic Coordinator

Excellent product, outstanding support

Easy to use, superb support with technical issues/bugs, prompt resolution by development team.

source - Capterra

Karin P.