E-Commerce Module

Educational institutions are able to set up an online eCommerce store through Classe365. This is a unique game-changing feature available through the Classe365 ecosystem that allows educational institutions to earn revenue whilst using Classe365’s SIS and LMS functionalities.

Educational institutions are able to upload products via the administration backend and users can access these products and make purchases via an online store feature on the educational institutions’ website.

In the backend, Admin users are able to upload products, set prices, setup and manage discounts, shipping charges, and other charges. Admin users are also able to track and manage orders through the Classe365 backend. They are also able to set up shopping categories and edit existing categories.

Classe365 provides for customization of the eCommerce shop front end by allowing admin users to upload images for the main product slider on the shop homepage such that the important and high yielding products can be promoted.

Classe365 is fully integrated to accept payment via Paypal option providing a secure way to make payments online. It also has abilities to integrate with multiple payment gateways.

Classe365 Ecommerce Module
  • Key Features
  • Source of incremental revenue.
  • Complete control of products, price points, discounts, categories.
  • Complete control of the eCommerce shop frontend including promoting important items via the slider on the shop homepage.
  • Dashboard that provides an overview of the store, products and orders.

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