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Top 7 tips for teachers teaching in the millennium generation

The new era of technology accompanies with it, the new era of education. Classroom cliches like chalkboards, papers and stacks of books are replaced with paperless, easy to manage virtual teaching utensils to provide a vivid conceptualization on various topics. The students, constituting this millennium generation, will be taught in a way quite different than […]

Whats New in Classe365 Student Information System in 2016?

What is new indeed! For starters, Classe365 has officially become the 13th “best” cloud based student information system worldwide! This is a feat that we are truly proud of. We have our subscribers to thank for getting us this far. And, what better way is there to thank them than introducing some new, unique and […]

Classe365 Now Integrates With Clever

WHAT IS ‘CLEVER’?? Clever is an easy to use, instant login software, which provides a simple interface between users and all their required applications. Students no longer have to spend time logging in to every application they use in class and can concentrate on the learning aspect of the application. Clever was designed with the […]

Top 10 Exam Preparation Technologies

The blissful student life of going to the movies, going on small vacations, and partying will all come to a stand still as the examinations draw near. Just when they think, “okay, time to hit those books !”, they open their thousand page book with great zeal and determination. “Page 1” – they read the […]