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Classe365 Now Integrates With Clever

Classe365 Now Integrates With Clever


Clever is an easy to use, instant login software, which provides a simple interface between users and all their required applications. Students no longer have to spend time logging in to every application they use in class and can concentrate on the learning aspect of the application. Clever was designed with the intention of optimizing learning time, benefiting teachers, students and application developers.



Classe365, the Cloud based Education System, takes a giant leap forward to  do what it was meant to do – make students and teachers lives easy, by integrating with Clever. With technology coming into education, students are made to learn from software applications, which come with security risks. Thus, one of the few demerits of introducing technology in education is the immense security checks and login procedures for students to use different applications.

Students and teachers associated with an institution have different access permissions. Some students require software that others don’t and teachers require access to all software. But, using a variety of software comes with the hassle of remembering a variety of usernames and passwords! Furthermore, the time-slot allotted to teachers is limited. Most teachers will be determined to finish a few topics in that time. But if the entire class has to login each time they open an application, teachers will loose the very little time they have!

When we see technology being used in education, we usually see new products which are released to benefit students only, without considering too much, the effect on teachers. Clever is different. If anything, it amply considers teachers in the classroom, voicing their concerns.

If we were to ask students and teachers, their thoughts on technology in education, students would probably give us an endless list of things that they want. Teachers, on the other hand, would mainly voice the same concern : “I need more time!”



Clever is not only helpful for teachers and students. Anyone designing an application for the new era of education should consider integrating with Clever.

      1. For institutions already on Clever, data management becomes easier when migrating to Classe365.
      2. Access to education apps in Clever using Classe365 credentials.
      3. Single Sign On (SSO) feature
      4. Most schools may not buy an application software, despite its obvious assets, simply because of data integration related issues. With Clever’s Student Information System (SIS) Management, schools no longer have a reason to decline the use of the application.
      5. Classe365, integrated with Clever, is easier to manage and support, making schools feel comfortable using it.

The experience of “logging in” to use an application software is imperative. Assuring that students don’t miss out on this experience, while also not making it too burdensome and time-consuming to use the application itself, makes Classe365, with Clever, one of the most appropriate software to accompany the new era of technology in education.