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How to Avoid Administrative Task Burnout

The thing about burnout is it’s subtle not very easy to detect at its early stages. Rather than dealing with it when it is at its peak, it is better to detect it at its early stages or better yet completely prevent it from happening to you, your faculty or admin staff. Early Signs of […]

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Learning VS Teaching: What’s the Difference?

Learning is a continuous process for every one of us. In a perfect world, we all learn something new every day. While we see formal education as a necessity to learning, there will always be various ways to learn. Teaching is just a more formal approach to giving lessons with learning as the end result. […]

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How Classe365 Serves Admission Officers

Through the rich features of our Student Administration Software, we have helped several schools and universities handle applications and enrolment more efficiently.  Through our system, students or their parents can submit new applications without waiting in line and filling out several forms. All of these, they can do at the comfort of their homes. The […]

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How important is SEO in School Marketing?

  Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s ranking and visibility in search engines for certain keywords that are related to your industry or niche. While SEO seems very simple, the process behind it is more complex and you will not get the same results every time.  SEO is very important […]

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How Classe365 Serves Performance Art Schools

Here at Classe365 we aim to provide all our clients with the best solutions to enable them to manage their institutions better. Classe365 is not only geared towards traditional schools and universities but also to specialized schools like performance art schools. Classe365 is packed with features that will assist school administrators and teachers do their […]

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Social Media Strategies for Private Schools

While many schools and educational institutions use social media as an avenue to interact and communicate with their students and their parents, others are using it to recruit potential students and increase their enrollment rate. Why not? Compared to traditional marketing techniques, social media is cheaper to maintain and have bigger reach. Let’s accept the […]

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10 Inspirational Teaching Quotes

Quotes About Teachers and Teaching Teachers are said to be the second parents of their students. They help hone their students and turn them into successful contributing members of the society. Without these commendable people, learning would be much harder or even impossible for many. Through them, we learned to dream and turn our dreams […]

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Top Education Events

With such high focus on education around the world, it is important to track key education events around the world. After all education is one of the millennium development goals and showcasing latest endeavors and avenues in education focused initiatives. Listed below are some of the top education events that attract global attention. Global Citizen […]

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