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How Student Information Systems can help to modernize and improve Higher Education?

How Student Information Systems can help to modernize and improve Higher Education?

In this blog, you’ll learn about:

1. What is Student Information Systems (SIS)?
2. Features offered by the Student Information System
3. Advantages of Student Information System
4. Frequently Asked Questions
Given the vast amounts of student data educational institutions have to manage daily, traditional methods of data handling can come across as very lacking- time-consuming and decentralized. But with the advent of digitalization in education,  data management has become much more simplified. Centralized platforms, like those offered by schools and universities, provide efficient student information software. In this blog, let’s explore how Student Information Management Systems (SIS) can modernize and improve higher education.

What is Student Information Systems (SIS)?

A Student Information System (SIS) is a software designed for educational institutions to manage student data. It streamlines administrative and academic tasks, and simplifies functions like lead management, student registration, attendance tracking, academic records, and financial management. This centralized approach ensures easy access to information and minimizes errors, and as a result, enhances accuracy.


Features offered by the Student Information System 


Manage Administration and Academic Activity  

The student information management system offers educational institutions with features to
efficiently maintain administrative and academic records. It includes features such as attendance tracking, grading and assessments, health records, and many more. It also helps to handle admission procedures efficiently by streamlining inquiries, applications, and enrollment.

Availability of Library and Resources

SIS helps you manage books and resources at your fingertips with ease. The SIS platform offers features to manage inventory, trace check-in and check-out activity, find books quickly, automate reminders on due dates, among others.    


Health Records  

With the help of SIS, educational institutions can calculate students’ BMI and understand student behaviour by integrating SIS with the Student Behaviour Analytics Engine and custom health record documentation.


Ease of Access and Integration  

Information Systems are easy to access from anywhere, anytime – being available both on Android and iOS mobile. Besides, it can reliably integrate with other software and allows API access.   


Offers Data Privacy and Security

Data privacy and security are one of the top factors to consider- the Student information system offers top-notch data privacy and security to the users. It provides ample data storage, user access and device logs, two-factor authentication, security audit logs, and many more features to secure the data.   


Advantages of Student Information System

Streamlined Operations  

Student information systems automate different operations in educational institutions. Whether it is the registration of students, course management, or maintaining students’ financial records, the ease offered by SIS reduces the burden and saves significant time for staff.   


Data Accuracy  
As the student information system is a centralized data management platform, it helps improve data accuracy. As the information is accessible to the staff, the entered data is ensured to be accurate and can be updated by everyone. Similarly, implementing student information system software eliminates the need to open multiple applications to find information and data, making it more centralized and accessible.  


Better Communication  

SIS offers different channels such as messaging, calls, emails and others to establish communication between prospects, teachers and students. It becomes easier to streamline enrollment and recruitment processes with improved communication.     


Easy Access to Institutional Data

Educational institutions can access the overall data related to the school with student information system software. Data such as student progress, enrollment rate, graduation rate, and academic achievements can be tracked easily anytime, anywhere.   


Promotes Data-Driven Decisions  

The student information system offers a comprehensive view of school performance and student data. This allows us to analyse and make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency. With the help of different metrics and reports provided by SIS, educational institutions can discover areas of improvement.   


Indeed, the school management system helps educational institutions stay competitive in the changing academic field and meet students’ needs. Classe365 offers a Student Management System that is simple to navigate and secure and integrates easily with other systems and software. Being one of the leading educational software providers, Classe365 offers customized platforms for educational institutions to streamline administrative and academic tasks. Today, Classe365 is a trusted partner of 6300+ educational institutions worldwide, providing reliable services and support.   


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Frequently Asked Questions 


1.How can Student Information System software modernize higher education? 

A student information system software streamlines administrative tasks, enhances communication, and provides real-time access to information, which promotes a modern and efficient higher education environment.  


2.How does Classe365’s SIS or Student Information System ensure data security and privacy in higher education? 

Classe365’s SIS or Student Information System is equipped with robust security measures, which
include encryption and access controls to safeguard student information and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.


3.Does Classe365’s SIS system integrate with existing educational technologies in higher institutions?

Yes, Classe365’s SIS system integrates seamlessly with various educational tools and platforms.


4.How does Classe365’s student information system contribute to administrative efficiency in higher education institutions?

Classe365’s student information system automates administrative tasks, such as grading, reporting, and scheduling, which leads to improved efficiency, reduced manual workload, and better resource utilization.


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