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Solving Fragmented School SIS

Solving Fragmented School SIS

The limitations that education institutions face today is that they are tied into traditional student information systems or learning management systems that focus on expensive, specialty tools that only provide data without much intelligence or analytics. Education organizations make business decisions every day. However, the tools to interact with, analyze, and present data are often restricted to few users and are fragmented. Eg: What is the use having numerous systems working in silos? The tools needs to be available to everyone who touches the student. These tools make it easy for any person who interact with the student to help him to better in whatever his endeavor.

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In essence what is school for? School is for learning how to learn. School is for learning who you are, your strengths and limitations, your aptitudes and enthusiasms. It’s for learning something of the realities and possibilities of life, the scope of the human experience. When we know that we have the data to understand a student, why not use it to help build his personality? Every member of the student influence circle can help a student shape his personality. Some people believe school is just a place of childcare, others see it as a rigorous preparation for the global jobs market. It really up to people’s perception. I’m not saying that we need to be too clinical about our children’s education?

What, ideally, should a school be for?

School is for igniting the imagination and for helping a child to become a bigger, better, more capable, more reliable person. Help students be successful and success may/may not be a six figure earnings, executive positions but Success in any endeavour depends on the degree to which it is an expression of your true self.

Today, the reality is that educators are holding back to take the next leap to enable our children towards the modern realties. They have the data on old fragmented systems, but what can you really do with this. The solution is to have a unified approach to managing education institutions that includes tools like student information systems and learning management systems.

At Classe365, we understand siloes and fragmented systems doesn’t help build a students to be noble citizens of tomorrow. We believe in unified approach to student information system and learning management system. When you have a single system, data flows seamlessly and so does decisions and ease of management.

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