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COVID-19 SERIES: Distance Learning is the way forward amid the growing Coronavirus outbreak

Distance Learning at Your School

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring the coronavirus (COVID – 19) outbreak as a pandemic now, we understand how concerning the situation might be for educational institutions across the globe. Many schools and universities have either closed temporarily or are considering announcing a closure soon. Uncertainty over the functioning of schools and universities leave […]

Innovative Use of Learning Management Systems

Traditional methods of learning are becoming less effective and efficient in today’s technologically-driven world. Whether it’s learning for students or employees, utilizing a learning management system helps organizations make learning successful. From optimizing processes to saving costs, it is breaking boundaries in providing benefits to different institutions. The corporate sector has been quick to recognize […]

Promote Quizzes as Student Assessment – Classe365

As part of our series on assessments, let’s talk about quizzes as a formative assessment strategy. Teachers need to analyse the acceptance of quizzes in the student community. Firstly, any assessment must be designed to improve the student’s learning and aid in retention and retrieval of information. Secondly, the assessment strategy must not increase student […]

Innovation for education: Why are Education Startups set to disrupt the industry

Classe365 Innovation for Education

It’s easy to see how technology has changed our day-to-day lives, from the way we communicate with colleagues at work or track our health and fitness to the way we watch TV or relax at home. However, in the education industry, innovative education startups are not only impacting the daily lives of those who use […]

Boost Enrollment with Classe365 SIS

Classe365 e-learning courses

It’s easy to get carried away with designing your eLearning course and creating the content – but don’t forget that promoting your eLearning course is fundamental to increasing enrollment rate. It doesn’t matter how great the content is, if no one knows it’s there, no one will sign up. Promoting your eLearning course to the […]

EdTech Trends: 2017 Overview

This next year will see many technologies broadly deployed, but with that deployment will come challenges and choices to make. This sets up 2017 to be a year of intense activity and important choices — how far forward to leap and how to transition from a world we all know and are working in comfortably. […]