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Classroom Management Software: This Is How You Can Make Online Learning Effective 

Classroom Management Software

Classroom Management Software: This Is How You Can Make Online Learning Effective 

Online learning is here to stay. By now, we can’t deny, but accept the fact that educational institutions cannot stay relevant without offering online learning for their students. But like we discussed in our previous blog, the last few months have exposed some of the glaring weaknesses of online learning. Two most glaring shortcomings being: 1. For teachers, preparing slides for hours and delivering lectures in front of the screen have started to become painfully exhausting and monotonous 2. For students, sitting through an online lecture has started to become difficult as they aren’t able to maintain their attention.  Now, in this blog, let us look at two of the most important technological solutions you would need to make online learning more effective.

Classroom Management Software and Online Learning Software

Both Classroom Management Software and Online Learning Software are essentially a part of Learning Management System. Both are also interlinked in many ways. Looking from a very broad perspective, 1. Classroom Management Software can help teachers ensure that the process of conducting online classes becomes more efficient and less exhausting 2. Online Learning Software can help students engage better during online classes since this software can provide them an immersive learning experience. Why Classroom Management Software? Classroom Management Software is a part of Learning Management System. It essentially consists of all the necessary features and equipment for both teachers and students to make classes more engaging and effective. Ideally, Classroom Management Software would help educational institutions take a more multidimensional approach to online education. When it comes to e-learning, students find it difficult to hold their attention when a live lecture extends to two to three hours. Through this software, teachers could ideally do pre-recorded lectures for a particular session. And then, they could conduct live online lectures as an extension to the pre-recorded sessions and to solve doubts of students. Not just this, Classroom Management Software could also help teachers engage better with students and make virtual interaction more effective. They can do this by organizing activities like conducting polls, conducting quizzes, and organizing group activities in breakout rooms. This will ensure that students could stay attentive throughout the class duration. Some of the very effective features that are: Flip Classes,Live Lectures, In-class quizzes, and Group activities in breakout rooms (Did you know? Classe365 has ZoomGoogle Meet, and Microsoft Teams integration to provide an immersive learning experience for students)  Why Online Learning Software? When it comes to Online Learning Software, it is all about making e-learning an immersive experience for students. This includes offering online brainstorming sessions and academic discussions for students and also providing them interesting and unique challenges as part of assessments. Conducting examinations as the only form of assessment is not considered ideal now and premier educational institutions across the world are now focusing on providing various challenges for students as a part of making their education wholesome. Through online learning software, schools and universities could have multiple ways of conducting assessments: including online assignments and live online quizzes. When it comes to online assignments, institutions could use features like plagiarism checker and to ensure fairness is maintained in the quizzes, options to randomize the question series is available. Now concerning bettering student engagement, good online learning software products have online discussion platforms available, which could be used for students could brainstorm with fellow students by posting on the platform and can even use it to discuss doubts and queries with teachers. Some of the very effective features that are: Blended Learning, Discussions, Online Quizzes and Tests, Plagiarism Checker for Assignments and Immersive Lecture Experience (Did you know? Through Classe365, you can offer online learning in just two steps!)