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3 Benefits of Using Voice Assistants at Educational Institutions 

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3 Benefits of Using Voice Assistants at Educational Institutions 

The world is moving towards voice search. Statistically speaking, it is estimated that a staggering 50% of all online searches this year would constitute voice searches according to ComScore. Now, the natural question which would arise on everyone’s mind would be how and why this fact is relevant for educational institutions.

It is more relevant than many would think as schools, colleges and universities could be hugely benefited from using the technology of voice interface. Simply put, aside from making almost every task of the school administration, teachers, and students incredibly easy, a virtual assistant would majorly help parents stay more connected with their kids’ educational institutions more than ever before.

In this blog, let us see three major benefits of using voice assistants at educational institutions.

1. Makes management of educational institutions more efficient and time-saving with data analysis 

Maintaining the records of every student – including the general and the academic information – is indeed a very taxing task. While software like the Student Information System makes this process easy, voice assistants go a step further and aid in helping the school administration manage their day to day tasks very easily and effectively. This is because voice assistants are very adept at analyzing large sets of data. With the help of this technology, all a teacher/ headmaster/ principal has to do to get the attendance statistics or academic performances of a student/ group of students/ class is to just have a casual conversation with the assistant. This way, they would get the required details from their virtual assistant within seconds. This is not just restricted to the academic point of view — even the entire financial records could be accessed through the virtual assistants.

2. Helps students get more personalized feedback regarding their academic performance 

Voice assistants can comprehensively track the academic progress of every student in an institution and will help them get personalized feedback on where they stand in their class. Not just this, voice assistants can also remind the students about the subjects they have enrolled in, on when they have to submit their assessment tasks and more. Aside from personal information, the students can also get continuous updates on everything that is happening at their school.

3. Enables parents to stay more connected with the school and keep track of kids’ performances 

One of the major advantages of an educational institution using voice assistant is that it would enable the parents to stay closely connected to their children’s schools and universities. With this feature, parents would no longer need to wait for a common meeting scheduled at school or university to know about their children’s progress. They can instead get every information by just chatting with the voice assistant. Voice assistants help parents even when it comes to matters outside the academics — parents could get reminders on when they must pay their children’s tuition fees, details about school transportation and a lot more.

How Classe365’s Alexa integration helps students and parents

We are proud to announce that Classe365 has now launched Alexa integration. With the help of this exciting new feature, major stakeholders of an educational institution would be able to get every relevant information regarding the happenings at their institution just by engaging in a casual conversation with Alexa.

Classe365’s Alexa integration covers almost all the attributes that have been discussed in this blog. Students and parents can simply ask questions to Alexa to know a variety of information including the assessment scores, the grades, attendance percentages, number of units the students have enrolled in and even about the invoices.