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Need to increase enrollment rates? 6 benefits of promoting an eLearning courses before the big launch

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Need to increase enrollment rates? 6 benefits of promoting an eLearning courses before the big launch

It’s easy to get carried away with designing your eLearning course and creating the content – but don’t forget that promoting your eLearning course is fundamental to increasing enrollment rate. It doesn’t matter how great the content is, if no one knows it’s there, no one will sign up. Promoting your eLearning course to the right people, in the right place, at the right time is the key to increase enrollments.

But, taking the time out to promote your eLearning course prior to launch may seem like an investment of time and resources you’d rather use elsewhere. If you’re new to promotion here are 6 top reasons why you should invest some time and resources into promoting your eLearning course to help increase enrollment numbers, before the big launch.

Six ways promoting your course, before the big launch, can help increase enrollment rates…

You build brand presence

Whether you’re new to eLearning or have been running eLearning courses for years you should always be looking to grow and develop on the brand presence of your startup or institution.

Marketing your latest eLearning course that’s ready for launch is a great way to spread the word about your content, brand and the other eLearning courses you offer.

Increase your pre-launch enrollment rate

People are more likely to enroll in an eLearning course if they know more about it. Your pre-launch marketing material gives you the opportunity to showcase topics covered, interactive material, outcomes and what makes your eLearning course different from competitors.

Build up enthusiasm by and consider offering early subscribers a bonus to encourage sign ups such as access to exclusive material or additional notes. Another tactic to help boost enrollment rates is to consider implementing a referral where students encourage their friends and colleagues to sign up to the course.

Boost your eLearning ROI

Promoting the benefits of undertaking your eLearning course, prior to launch, helps online learners understand exactly what they will be able to achieve upon completion of the course. Knowing what they can achieve means that students are more likely to be encouraged and excited by what they are about to embark upon – resulting in better attendance, participation and higher levels of engagement. In corporate eLearning environments, early marketing can even help prevent costly compliance violations

The direct benefit to your institution is an increase in eLearning ROI.

Make sure you’re pitch perfect

Promoting your eLearning course forces you to take the time to really refine what it is you’re offering, the benefits and standout features. The benefit of this is that you learn to pitch that allows you to sum up your eLearning course in a matter of minutes, with maximum impact.

Get valuable feedback

The earlier you start marketing your eLearning course, the earlier you start to get your online learning involved and excited. Another benefit is that you start to get invaluable feedback from learners about what attracted them to the course in the first place.

This knowledge gives you the opportunity to get feedback on things that might need to change before the course begins. Start by asking subscribers what attracted them to the course and basic questions that help to gauge their current level of knowledge and understanding – with this information you can tailor the course accordingly.

Build an email list

Undertaking some marketing activity for your upcoming eLearning course is also a handy way to build your email lists. These are invaluable when it comes to promoting future courses and re-engaging students. Promotion via email has a much higher conversion rate than marketing done through email – so by collecting emails now, you’re setting yourself up for a higher success rate in the future.

The list is targeted (user has already shown interest), personal (lands straight in the inbox) and most importantly you own it – not subject to changes in policies by the big social media channels.

Increasing your enrollment rate and getting students engaged early on is key to any successful eLearning course – so don’t skimp on the marketing and make sure you invest the time it deserves.

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