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EdTech Trends: 2017 Overview

EdTech Trends: 2017 Overview

This next year will see many technologies broadly deployed, but with that deployment will come challenges and choices to make. This sets up 2017 to be a year of intense activity and important choices — how far forward to leap and how to transition from a world we all know and are working in comfortably.

Whenever you hear about futuristic technologies, implication and implementation of these technologies in education has always been thought last. You can give credit to the conservative nature of our education industry.  So our primary focus was to commission an extensive R&D on use cases and how the trends can change the education landscape. What Classe365 team has done with respect to the application of these technologies in the education space is overwhelming.

We are investing in many cutting edge technologies and two of the main ones are Bots and Virtual Reality (VR). Global design and strategy firm frogdesign, in its 2017 forecasts predicts technologies that will define the upcoming year and mentions the use of Bots and VR. Lets have a look into this closely

VR finally will be a reality in 2017

Imagine the experience of going to the university sitting right in your living room. Virtual reality will finally make its mark in Classrooms in big ways.

Classrooms will be able to livestream entire lectures for people who want to watch without leaving their living room. Companies like NextVR are already partnering with Live Nation to make the setup a (non-virtual) reality. Classe365 Learning Management System will be heading towards supporting VR platforms and content. We believe partnerships, integration and collaboration are the key to make this vision a reality. We aim to make Classe365 VR enabled for our educators to easily deliver the VR enabled technology to their students.

Bots will make educators administrator effectively and students learn efficiently.  

In the way the communication app Slack has merged bots into its chat service, we are extensively exploring how educators will use artificial intelligence to handle the logistics of administrating students and learning activities.

We are working with many educators in the preliminary research to commission an assortment of administration and learning bots to bring our vision to reality.

Lets give you a sneak peak on some use cases. An enrolment administration bot might automatically solicit and collaborate with students and parents, while a student aid bot polishes his/her skills and helps student prepare for exams with organised content based on the student’s learning weaknesses — all to help the educators administrator work faster and students learn more effectively.

In today’s context of the primacy of smartphone and tablet devices, robust cross-organization cloud services and the changing nature of productivity — all combined with the acute needs of enterprise security — we are heading to dramatically change the definition of the education and learning management as a service.