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Flip Classes – a Hands-on and Friendly Approach with Student and Teacher Interactions in Class

Flip Class

Flip Classes – a Hands-on and Friendly Approach with Student and Teacher Interactions in Class

Flip Class
The most recent trend in the education industry today is the use of flip classes. This revolutionary technology in education has brought a positive change in the way a classroom functions. It has created an interactive and engaging environment in the classroom where students are fully involved in the learning process. Flip classes are gaining in popularity across schools. So, what is a flip class?

About Flip Class

A flip class is an innovative teaching methodology where the students are given assignments to study at home. In the classroom, they have discussions, labs, demonstrations, question and answer activities related to the assignment. This approach provides learning flexibility to the students as they are free to learn at their own pace. It motivates the students to practise self-study, and provides plenty of options to explore a topic by themselves.

Flipping the Classroom

A flip class is essentially a different model of conducting classes. Students study their lessons at home by watching live or pre-recorded video lectures, online materials and assignments. And in class, they do their homework. In other words, students do all the learning at home, and all the practical work at school. This encourages learning with peers and teachers. In this approach, students involve with lectures outside of class to prepare for an active learning experience in the classroom. In addition, students can learn concepts and widen their knowledge base before coming to class to apply their learning.

This methodology has enabled teachers to support and guide students with their homework in class. Teachers can create a flip class, add a new lecture, add a new section within the lecture and so on. For instance, you can have a lecture session for maths, and within that you can have geometry as a subject.

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Benefits for Students and Teachers

In the flipped learning approach, classroom study is flipped with independent study through the usage of technology. With this method of learning, students go to school with some background knowledge or an idea about the subject or topic. As a result of this approach, students can access the help of teachers in two ways – once in the classroom, and second with the video lectures at home. This also helps teachers to stay engaged with students in and out of the classroom.

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Additionally, a flip class also allows students to understand concepts easily. For instance, they can download the lectures and can pause, rewind or do a search on the internet and so on. Above all, students can control the time and pace with the online materials. After going to the classroom, students can involve in discussion and activities among fellow classmates. This in turn makes learning and education a holistic experience beyond classroom academics.

In a flip class, the teacher acts as resource provider to the students through technology, and students take the primary stage where they gather knowledge, concepts. Finally, flip classes help in building an attitude of curiosity, interest and a student-centered learning environment.