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How Classe365 Serves Admission Officers

How Classe365 Serves Admission Officers

How Classe365 Serves Admission Officers

Through the rich features of our Student Administration Software, we have helped several schools and universities handle applications and enrolment more efficiently.  Through our system, students or their parents can submit new applications without waiting in line and filling out several forms. All of these, they can do at the comfort of their homes. The only requirement is access to the internet. Let us walk you through the pre-admission module/ feature below.


Application Form Fields Module

The application form fields enable school administrators to customize the forms on their online application page. Once the customization is complete the users can easily deploy the form on their websites by copying and pasting the embed code.

forms field

Pre-Admission Module

School admins will have access to different modules (features) including the pre-admission module where they can manage new applications. This module allows the user to sort applications by type and date. By clicking on the name of the applicant the admin can view the full details of application including the following: contact information, age, parent’s information and the series of messages sent to the applicant (if any).

fields form

If your school requires new students to take an examination before you admit them, the admission officer can send an SMS and/or email to the contact information provided in the application to invite the applicant to come to the school. All of these can be done without leaving the Classe365 interface. Once the student passes the examination, the admission officer can then change the status of the application to accepted or admission offered. From there, the student can opt to accept the offer and pay the required fees.

Easy, Affordable and Innovative

Classe365  is very confident that you’ll love the features of our Student Administration Software program. The features mentioned above is but a fraction of things our software can do for your school. We have helped many schools (big or small) to streamline their schools application process. You can find all the features of our program here, or you can always ask for a demo here.