September 9, 2015

 “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” ― Benjamin Franklin Information i man’ primal a et in thi age Impatience i the buzzword of our generation which i toked by the lack of timely, actionable...

QR Code in education classe365
August 6, 2015

For every product old in a retail tore, you would have een a bar code, compo ed of a 1 Dimen ional array of Thick and thin line Thi bar code contain ome information about the product, like product ID, Name and Price But, not too much...

Classe365 BYOD in Education
August 3, 2015

What i the fir t thing that pop into mind when you think about “education” Probably a “chalkboard”, “cla room” or “ tudent-teacher interaction” etc In thi traditional method of teaching, tudent are fed the ame amount of...

August 2, 2015

Everybody who i anybody ha a phone the e day Acknowledging the fact that the face to face teaching model ha more liabilitie than a et , it no urpri e that omeone would think of u ing mobile technology in education You may be thinking that...

July 19, 2015

With the creation of  “Computer Space” in 1971, and “Pong” the year after, video game have gained international recognition a “a fun way to pend your time” They are now the primary ource of entertainment When people hear...

July 19, 2015

One of the mo t noticeable drawback of the Traditional “Face to Face” education i that all tudent , bright or low, will be taught at the ame rate Let take a moment to analyze thi In traditional learning, we would ju t expect tudent to...

July 18, 2015

The new era of technology accompanie with it, the new era of education Cla room cliche like chalkboard , paper and tack of book are replaced with paperle , ea y to manage virtual teaching uten il to provide a vivid conceptualization on...

July 18, 2015

What i new indeed! For tarter , Cla e365 ha officially become the 13th “be t” cloud ba ed tudent information y tem worldwide! Thi i a feat that we are truly proud of We have our ub criber to thank for getting u thi far And, what...

July 18, 2015

WHAT IS ‘CLEVER’ Clever i an ea y to u e, in tant login oftware, which provide a imple interface between u er and all their required application Student no longer have to pend time logging in to every application they u e in cla and...

July 18, 2015

The bli ful tudent life of going to the movie , going on mall vacation , and partying will all come to a tand till a the examination draw near Ju t when they think, “okay, time to hit tho e book !”, they open their thou and page book...

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