June 29, 2016

While many chool and educational in titution u e ocial media a an avenue to interact and communicate with their tudent and their parent , other are u ing it to recruit potential tudent and increa e their enrollment rate Why not Compared to...

June 27, 2016

Quote About Teacher and Teaching Teacher are aid to be the econd parent of their tudent They help hone their tudent and turn them into ucce ful contributing member of the ociety Without the e commendable people, learning would be much...

December 4, 2015

With uch high focu on education around the world, it i important to track key education event around the world After all education i one of the millennium development goal and howca ing late t endeavor and avenue in education focu ed...

November 25, 2015

&nb p; Enrollment hould ea e the entry of tudent and pave the way for more intere ted partie to ign up When it come to enrolling tudent , in titute go hammer and tong at their endeavor to attract tudent Thing can go our if they...

November 18, 2015

The trength of an in titute lie in the a piration of the local tudent to tudy in it a well a in the intere t attracted by it from international tudent While international tudent tand to gain expo ure to novel teaching method and new...

November 13, 2015

&nb p; A online facilitie continue their march toward enriching education, it become inevitable for them to be a part of the tudent journey right from the out et With the advent of tudent information y tem , the proce of integrating...

Student Behavior
October 30, 2015

&nb p; Educational in titute are temple of knowledge, beacon of hope and a gateway to an enriching life parked by knowledge, learning and healthy interaction A grim reality of educational in titute however, i the fact that we are more...

October 17, 2015

Ever wondered how the cene of a ci-fi movie are created Any fir t time movie goer would be fa cinated by the reali tic Hologram , Alien , Blackhole , Gho t etc How are the e captured on creen  With Augmented Reality, Object that may or may...

Big Data, Learning Management System
October 15, 2015

What i Big Data in Education Big Data conundrum Don’t worry you are not alone But don’t think Big Data ju t a a fad It i the next thing that’ going to revolutionize the education ector Gartner define Big Data a “high-volume,...

Learning Management system, Social Media, Student information system
September 26, 2015

&nb p; Connectivity work wonder for mankind The very e ence of communication, connectivity ea e the flow of thought and emotion among entitie Social media i in relevance today with it abilitie to connect u and more What began a a...

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