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All New feature – Powerful Skill Search and People Directory Integrated with LinkedIn

All New feature – Powerful Skill Search and People Directory Integrated with LinkedIn

Powerful Skill Search Integrated with LinkedIn

Today we have introduced a great new capability to enable students, teachers or parents to find people and experts with specific skills in the school called People Directory and Skill Based Search with our Student Information System and School Management Software. People directory enables users can search for any teacher or student seamlessly, works like another directory function. With Skill Based Search, people within the school, college or institution can search for other people based upon expertise. For example, suppose, there is a cricket tournament that is starting up and the school need to build a cricket team, rather than hunt around the school asking for cricket players, institution could leverage the Skill Search inside Classe365. They would enter “Cricket” into the Skill Based Search and it would return all the students who are cricket players. Not only this, Skill based search can integrate into your LinkedIn profile. When you integrate skill search with LinkedIn, Skill endorsements from LinkedIn gets populated as your key skills. Giving another example, suppose I am looking for someone who has skills in E-Learning to drive a school initiative. I enter “E-Learning” into Skill Based Search in Classe365, and it searches not only skills in Classe365 but also Skills and Endorsement section in LinkedIn. To get this great functionality to work properly following needs tasks need to be done on individual profile.

1. Update your Profile Summary

skill-search-edit profile-profile

2. Include as many skills in “ Academic and Non Academic Skills”

skill-search-edit enter-details

3. Connect your LinkedIn profile (optional)

linkedin connect

Details from your skill & Endorsements gets populated in the Academic and Non Academic skills of your profile. skill-search-linkedin That’s it! People within your school, college or university will be able to search you based on your skills profile, all this from your Student Information System or School Management Software. If you are an educator looking for the best student information system or school management software, talk to our solution enablement team on to get Classe365 in your school, college or university.