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How To Effectively Manage Student Enrolment Process

How To Effectively Manage Student Enrolment Process


Enrollment should ease the entry of students and pave the way for more interested parties to sign up

When it comes to enrolling students, institutes go hammer and tongs at their endeavors to attract students. Things can go sour if they bite off more they can chew. Managing student enrollment is a critical process and requires precise execution of plans. Otherwise, there might be an overspend on increasing the number of seats without any results. Given below are a few methods to maintain a seamless enrollment process.

Having essential data in place

Keep all information about processes in the appropriate areas of the website. The idea is to make students and their wards aware of all checks and documents prior to the process so that no hassles are encountered. It will make sense to have an IVR system for telephonic inquiries and a live chat support for questions that may arise with respect to enrollments. A comprehensive set of FAQs may also be added on the website to assuage any doubts prior to enrollment.

Accurate forecasts needed

The admissions team needs to be realistic about the intake for the current academic year. The whole process of goal-setting must involve realistic targets based on concrete facts and not wild projections. Some of the points to consider are demographics, competition, and the rate of increasing enrollments in the past years.

Develop a holistic marketing plan

Once an enrollment target is set, it is necessary to have a marketing plan in place to attract students. It should ideally be a mix of print ads, flyers, radio ads, forums for introducing the school to parents and students and possibly TV commercials for an ideal impression and recall. Have a look at our article on Effective Strategies to increase student enrolment & Top 5 key strategies to attract international students. Given below is a list of tools we recommend for your marketing plan.

  1. Email Marketing – MailChimp
  2. CRM software – Salesforce and Classe365 or a combination of Salesforce and Classe365
  3. Form building tools – Typeform and Classe365 or a combination of both.
  4. Use social media tools like HootSuite, Meet Edgar to publish and post important enrolment dates and results.

Finally, have a student enrollment system in place

One cannot overstate the need to automate processes to speed up admissions and enrollment. Automated systems will eliminate unnecessary paperwork and set processes without losing data and efficiency. Having an online school management system software such as Classe365 that takes care of activities right from admissions and enrollment to administrative functions and progress tracking will make things look more seamless at the institute. Contact us for making your institute process-smart and efficient.