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Does your School live up to the age of the millennial generation?

Does your School live up to the age of the millennial generation?

We have to keep up

When we talk about the “millennial generation”, we mean the students of today – those growing up in the era of rising software and technology. Since computers are a part of their daily lives, it only evident that education incorporates the use of computers and cutting edge teaching methodologies. Students would find it easier to manage all their academic and personal information on PCs or tablets , as opposed to stacks of books and papers.
It is time to gradually say goodbye to the traditional methods of pen and paper teaching and administration management, and welcome the world of online education with open arms. Now that we are in the twenty first century, it is a pressing matter – more so than ever before. “Everything is available online” is no longer an exaggeration, but rather, a fact. We have come to the point where even something as abstract as “education”, is available online. By now, everyone knows that anything available online is better. But how are online Education facilities better ??


Today’s kids are pretty smart. They can find their way around a computer faster than they learn how to walk. This only fuels the need of an online management system which can be used easier than the records in books that we used before. It is the responsibility of the institution to provide an easy way to manage information.
Classe365 saves the day with its easy to use interface. In this way, students and teachers can collaborate in new ways. With easy access to student information, teachers get a chance to know their students better, by analyzing and recording every aspect of every student. Furthermore, Parents can track their child’s progress and get real insight into their behaviour.


In the beginning of the academic year, the Library is the last place you would look to find a student. On second thought, it is probably not even a place to look for a student even if it was the last place on earth! The librarian will just be sitting in her chair, reading a book, enjoying the blissful silence .But when examinations are right around the corner, the Library is packed like a sold out concert, with an endless line of students, waiting anxiously, to check out their books. They probably spend more time in line waiting to get the book than actually read it!
Classe365, once again, saves the day by allowing students to checkout and checkin books online. By doing so, students can save a lot of time to study for the actual exam.


Just like we have Library traffic during exams, the admission section will be full of anxious parents and students, in the beginning of the year, just waiting to pay the fees for the coming academic session. With our cloud based education system, online transactions can be carried out in a safe and sequential manner. Not only this, parents can also keep a tab on all transactions made with the institution.


Smartphones are the ‘in’ thing, marking the advent of the new millennia. Everyone has them and uses them for, literally, everything! Its hard to believe that the old button phones that we were using a couple of years ago has now become an antique piece of sorts. The times are changing, and they are changing fast! We need to cope with this dramatic change as well.
Classe365 aptly addresses this concern with a new app that allows students, teachers, parents, administrators and all others affiliated with the institution to manage all academic and personal information with a few “taps of a screen” (can’t really say “push of a button” anymore!).

These are just a few things that one can do with a cloud based education system, such as Classe365. Does your school provide all these facilities? In any case, if you stick with us, managing your institution will be easier than ever before. We also consider views of students, parents and teachers as well.

After all, a stride can only be successful if everyone involved is ready to make a difference.