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Future Teaching Methods with Classe365

The world we are in today has surpassed the expectations of most visionaries of the past – tablets are being used in place of bulky laptops and PCs, smart phones in place of the old button phones, and introduction of online services are all examples of such advancements. We are progressing so fast that it is actually difficult to predict the state of the world in, like, ten years to come.

However, No matter how much time passes by, one thing is for certain – Education will always be Education ! “Teaching” and “Learning” will remain the same in their essence. The only things that change are methodologies to carry out modern teaching and learning.


The methods adapted depend on various factors :

  • Teacher’s ability to teach
  • How the student will actually be exposed to knowledge
  • Ability of teachers to assess students using the method of teaching
  • The method should be chosen such that classroom interaction between student and teacher is optimal.


The most important factor is, of course, the method in which students feel is most comfortable. Who knows? Maybe the ubiquitous chalkboard teaching will become obsolete in the years to come. After all, sticking with the chalkboard will only mean more sleeping heads in class ! The idea is to come up with a method of teaching that is so interesting that students, despite hating the subject, will be all ears till the very end.

Advancements in technology have also broadened the scope of opportunity. In the old days, we could choose our career line only between ,probably, Engineering, Medicine and Law. Other fields hadn’t developed so much as to provide a comfortable lifestyle. The scene, fortunately, is different for the Millennial generation – the students of today. They can become anything they aspire to be – Singer, Dancer, Comedian, Scientist or even an Astronaut. Students of today already consider computers an extension of their being. There is no doubt that this notion will be stronger for the students of the future.


Some big changes that we have to consider :

Teaching method – Lets face it. The chalkboard is kind of getting old.

Transaction method – The days of waiting in long lines, pushing and shoving one another, to get to the front desk to pay admission fees are over ! It is time to introduce a more convenient method for students to pay their fees. With online transaction mechanisms coming into play, the entire admission process will be much easier .

Ebooks – Since the millennial generation knows their way around a computer so well, it is only evident that study material and other reference books be available online as well. The students of the future will, thus, soon be a part of a paperless classroom.

Online planners – In our grandparents days, using pen and paper in a classroom was a distant vision. In our parents generation, it became a reality. In our generation, it simply became something that we had to put up with. At this rate, it would be naive to think that we can leave things as they are in the classroom, when we obviously have a problem here !

Each of these points require careful planning to customize our classroom for the future students. But Wait!

What if i said that a part of this “vision”has already become a “reality”?!

Thats right! Classe365 has taken a step forward to ensure that the students of today enjoy a classroom with state of the art facilities, yet still providing room for development for the students of the future to come .

We give them all that they need :

  • Online planners – to manage academic and personal calendars
  • E-Library – to manage check in/out details of books
  • Report Card – View overall academic performance with a detailed analysis on each subject.
  • Notices – Get any notification from the institute at any time. This improves communication between students and the administration.


We provide these facilities and many more ! Since needs of a student change overtime, we will also be on the cutting edge of their desires. We will only be satisfied when they are satisfied with what they have and what they can do with the facilities and opportunities we provide them.


 Why wait for the future , when it is already here !