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Effective strategies to increase student enrollments

Effective strategies to increase student enrollments


As online facilities continue their march towards enriching education, it becomes inevitable for them to be a part of the student journey right from the outset. With the advent of student information systems, the process of integrating education, counseling, progress monitoring, and administrative functions seem to be coalescing under a single roof or a platform. But what can be done to improve the rate of enrollments in schools, colleges and universities? Given below are some suggestions for the same.

Online Enrollment

Having an online enrollment system makes it convenient to track the entire process, since it has the capability of collating all information into a central hub or repository. Such a set up helps one to easily view, modify and track progress of enrollments. The registration details get added instantly to a database which eliminates the need to enter details manually thereby reducing data entry errors.

Open Days

While online enrollment offers a seamless option to get students registered, it would do no harm to advertise a school in order to highlight its merits. Schools can get involved in open days and allow parents and prospective students to take a walk through the school premises, thereby giving them a clear idea of how their premises look and what programs and facilities are on offer.

Online Ads and Commercials

A less subtle but impressive way of piquing interest in one’s school would be through the medium of TV commercials, radio, newspaper and online ads. Depending on the advertising budget, small and larger education organization can explore various option of digital media advertisement .While ads bring the product to the fore, they could make the school look desperate and pushy for enrollments. Tread cautiously, bring up meaningful ads and instill a sense of purpose in them in order to effect a large number of enrollments and registrations. Online ads must ensure that there are appropriate landing pages to attract prospective students and they should be targeted with focused email campaigns.

Education Consultants

People love experts and it would do schools no harm to take education consultants under their wings. Making them aware of the school’s salient points will make sure that interested parties will be directed by the consultants to the school and enrollments can spike up.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Nothing inspires and attracts students more than scholarships and financial assistance. Having a sound scholarship scheme will ensure adequate motivation and a strong incentive to perform. Scholarships will ensure that students won’t balk at the fees being charged by the school. Moreover, providing a financial aid calculator will make matters clearer to prospective students.

Open Seminars

It will always help schools if they take their seriousness about education and knowledge outside the purview of classrooms and bring them to open forums. Having a central theme of discussion which is relevant and opening the discussion to parents and students alike would stoke healthy discussions and even push towards viable solutions.

That ends an indicative list of smart ideas for increasing enrolments. For better enrollment management, check out Classe365– the emerging student information system. Our pre-admission and enrollment module is adept at paperless admission, new leads management, customized enrolment forms and easy data transfer from pre-admission to the student information system.There is also a module for education agents to submit, track and monitor applications.