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Student Information System or School ERP- Is More Features Always Better ?

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Student Information System or School ERP- Is More Features Always Better ?

Does More Features Mean Better Student Information System ?

If  you are on the lookout on selecting a Student Information System or School ERP, you might have downloaded open source or paid on-prem software, may be signed up for demos or subscribed for 30-60 day trials on a cloud/SAAS platform.  Either way by now you may have made a comparison list all the features that each of these school management system or student information system promise to offer.

To those we ask. – How many of these features will you really use? Will your teachers, staff and students have the time to make the best use of these features offered in today’s education software?

In a recent study – only 65% of the features get used in most of the leading Student Information Systems, School ERP Software and Learning Management Systems (LMS). So selecting an School Management Software is not just about features. It’s about asking the right questions and getting the right answers.

When you select a product that has features you “need”, that’s when you select the right product. Not the one with the large list of “nice to haves”

By keeping it simple, there is less distractions for users – students, parents and teachers. Information is clear and you can set measurable results on software usage.

Classe365 approach to providing features is “modular”. You pick and choose what you need. The rest doesn’t show on user’s interface. This means less conflict, less clutter on the user screen.

So to all those who are in the lookout for School ERP or Student Information System, ask a question to yourself  – Will the features get used by your staff, teachers or students and their parents?

If you are an educator looking for the best student information system or school management software, talk to our solution enablement team on to get Classe365 in your school, college or university.