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School Management Complexities. How do you solve it ?

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School Management Complexities. How do you solve it ?

Quite often, as people and companies start to get more money, they run into problems… their lives and businesses start to become more complicated creating a situation counter to their original goals. Educators are no different. We talk to many educators and many of them tell us at first when they started, they wanted to get 100 enrollments, then the milestone was 500 and so on. However when the organization grows, so did complexities.

Complexity Creates Obstacles

For educators these complexities should not be obstacles in realizing their core vision. When complexities grows, the trend we see is decrease in productivity and in general decrease in morale. While more enrolments usually means an increase in revenue, it does not necessarily mean “more profit” – but it usually means more *complexity* which equates to more administrative overhead, more employees, less efficiency, more headaches, more time away from family and ultimately less happiness for the founding members, principals and academic staff.

Complexity Creates Opportunities

So while having more students, increased revenue might seem like a blessing for educators, if that will mean more work and more stress.

While small and medium sized education institutions certainly feel this pain more than larger universities and colleges, simply because its new to them, every education organisation goes through this. We have to remember that within these education institutions it is human beings facing these challenges regardless of the size of the organisation. What motivates them as people? Helping them manage these complexities is what enables them to breakthrough.


A Thought Experiment to “Unify” education tools

Classe365 approach to manage these complexity was an approach to “unify” all aspects of education management into a single cohesive interface. The biggest complexity that education institution faced was/is that they manage siloed approach to have Student Information System, Learning Management System, process to manage admission, alumni, historical academic data and so on. This creates complexities at every level. Eg: data inconsistency, integration between different applications and mainly training and adoption within the wider faculty and student community. The end goal for Classe365 is to unify every aspect of education management that is entirely driven from the cloud.

Today schools, colleges and universities don’t subscribe to our platform because they understand what we do… they buy from us because we understand what they do and their complexities.

If you are an educator looking for the best student information system or school management software, talk to our solution enablement team on to get Classe365 in your school, college or university.