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Redefine Learning with The Flipped Classroom

Redefine Learning with The Flipped Classroom

One of the most noticeable drawbacks of the Traditional “Face to Face” education is that all students, bright or slow, will be taught at the same rate. Lets take a moment to analyze this. In traditional learning, we would just expect students to enter a classroom without any knowledge of the concept to be taught that day. During the course of the lecture, some students would have understood the concepts easily, while others may not have understood at all! Also, in the next session, the teacher isn’t expected to revise concepts discussed in the previous session. So, students who aren’t fast enough will surely fall behind.


A solution to this problem is to implement a new Learning model which not only ensures slow learners keep up, but also keeps fast learners motivated to further expand their knowledge. The Flipped Classroom is a method of E-Learning in which students familiarize themselves with the concept to be taught in class before the actual classroom session. This method is made possible because students now have internet access to stream the concepts, either in the form of video or text. So, students can learn the concept at their own pace. 

Okay! now that students have access to all the study material, where does the teacher come in? The funny thing is, 


In the Flipped Classroom, Students don’t “learn” anything new


Despite not being mentioned till now, the teacher is the core of the Flipped Classroom. In class, the teacher provides extra attention to every student. For students who didn’t quite understand the concept when they went through it alone, the teacher will try to clear any doubt in the concept. And for those who understood completely, the teacher gives harder questions based on the same concept to make sure that the classroom becomes interactive for them as well.


From the look of things, we can safely say that the Flipped classroom is a notch better than the “face to face” classroom. But why do we still use the “face to face” model?? This is because the Flipped classroom has an obvious drawback : The Flipped Classroom requires the students to study before the actual class session. Can we really expect students to willingly spend their non-classroom time studying??? That seems a little too far fetched to me! 

However, we could overcome this by making learning fun. This can be done by making the learning process more interactive and  is achieved by Game Based Learning (GBL), which incorporates gaming in education, making learning fun.


Classe365 now supports this new classroom which allows students to learn at their own pace.  Classe365’s LMS (Learning Management System) Module allows teachers to periodically upload study material that covers lectures to be discussed in the coming classroom sessions. Once teachers upload extra study material, fast learners can take a look at those topics instead of waiting for the rest of the class to catch up. 

The Flipped Classroom, thus, ensures effective teaching and learning, where students have access to infinite sources of knowledge, and teachers bring out the best in what they’ve learned.